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Emphasis on construction works safety & security

Dear Residents

This communication is to emphasise towards effective implementation of existing safety & security measures during construction works in dwelling units by the residents of our society.

1. Any construction related works inside the apartment will require written consent of the Estate Manager. A copy of the application to be submitted at the IN gate for scrutiny of workers post approvals by Estate Manager. Format for application is attached with this email & OHRWA website.

2. Any fabricator job is limited within the dwelling unit. No fabrication or design change job will be allowed in any common areas and parking area by anyone. Movement of any fabricator inside the society will also require consent from the Estate Manager.

3. Residents are also requested not to alter or add anything in the common areas of the society or his/her Parking Area. Design change of flat or parking area is not permissible.

4. Any modifications of Fire Hydrant Cabinets is strictly prohibited.

5. The application to the Estate Manager must contain a list of all proposed modifications.

6. Estate Managers office is in BT8 - Grollo Tower Ground Floor.

We request residents to please comply with the above guidelines as these are for our safety and legal compliance.


Omaxe Heights (Faridabad) Resident Welfare Association®

Please visit our website

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