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Corrigendum -2

With reference to the EOI dated 7.03.2021 ,the competent Authority have decided to amend the Pre-qualification Criteria .You may please refer to the RWA Tenders for more detail.The last date for submission is 26.03.2021. Contact Neetish (9899112609) for EOI.
Those who have applied earlier need not to apply again.

Corrigendum - 1
With reference to EOI dated 07.03.2021, The competent Authority decided to Extend the date of submission of PQ Documents from 16th March 2021 to 19th March 
Please take a note for the same

Dear Apartment Owners (2BHK & 3BHK),

The outer walls of towers are in shabby look due to continuous seepage. Moreover the building is almost 10 years old hence they need to be repaired and painted to give them new look.

OHRWA proposes to take up mega project of seepage treatment, repairing and painting of the external facade of the towers:
OHRWA shall invite open tender from authorized applicators like Asian, Dulux, Berger, Nerolac, Dr. Fixit. The work will be done by their authorized applicator and the guarantees for defect liability will be given by respective company and the applicator.

Estimated time of completion of work is 18 to 20 months from the award of the work. Each apartment owner will contribute in totality approx Rs 30 to 35 thousand from 2BHK and 35 to 40 thousand from 3BHK depending on actual spend on the project. Vendor will raise the bill as per material consumed and service rendered (rate as per contract). It will not be a lump-sum fixed amount contract. Therefore actual spend of project would be known only when the project is over.

The total contribution of the flat will be divided in equal monthly installments. The monthly contribution for this project will be Rs.2000/- for 2BHK and Rs.2500/- for 3BHK. The final payment as per the actual for the flat will be adjusted in the last instalment.

OHRWA seeks approval from the apartment owners of 2BHK & 3BHK. The project would be deemed as approved if more than 50% participating owners give their written consent within the defined consent time period.

After the project is approved, the monthly contribution will be deducted from all apartments of 2 & 3 BHK through Radius Account as Additional Sinking Fund.

General Secretary
Omaxe Heights (Faridabad) Resident Welfare Association®
Omaxe Heights, Sector – 86, Faridabad
Date: 05th Feb’21

FAQ attached herewith will give the more clarity about this project.-

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