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Installation of Air Circuit Breakers - Schedule of retrofitting

Kindly note that during our handover from Omaxe / FP Ltd to OH RWA, Independent survey was done in our infra by M/S Colliers International and they have highlighted certain critical gaps in our electrical infra which is causing major hindrance in maintaining uptime in our electrical infra. One of such major gaps are the missing and damaged Air Circuit Breakers in our LT Panels across all three ESS. 

To overcome this issue we had no other option but to source the latest model of ACB from reputed manufacturers and install them in our LT Panels. Our team of experts from the Electrical Working Group finalised the technical specifications which included temperature monitoring based release ( as in many breakdown cases we have found the rear casing and jaw contacts getting carbonized) beside the standard set of over load and earth fault reseases and post which quotes were invited from reputed ACB manufacturers like ABB & L&T. After bringing all the bidders in common technical platforms for offered technical specifications we have been able to achieve best pricing from ABB. We awarded them with PO. 

The new generation model of ACB cannot be fitted directly in our LT Panels hence we have to retrofit the ACB in respective sections of our LT Panel. During this retrofitting job we will have to keep the bus dead considering the electrical safety aspects. The retrofitting job will start as per below mentioned schedule. During this period of ACB retrofitting the concerned ESS will be undergoing complete power cut in some sections and also in the entire ESS for approximately a few hours. We may also run certain sections in DG or Grid depending upon the situation and availability of Grid power. We will not face any power cuts when we will do retrofitting in the capacitor panels. We will keep residents informed about progress. 

The complete shutdown period will be from 1000 hrs to 1800 hrs on the concerned Sunday and also depending on the size of the ACB it may be extended by another 04 hours ( esp when we will be doing 4000 amp ACB retrofitting). However we will be providing power intermittently as much as possible to the residents through the concerned ESS LT Panel. 

Residents are advised to shutdown all critical domestic appliances like AC, fridge, microwave etc during the complete shutdown period for that concerned Sunday for added safety.

Since nowadays most of the residents are working from home and also kids are doing online classes on weekdays hence we had no other option but to take shutdown on Sundays to close this critical activity.

We solicit cooperation from all residents towards closure of this activity for further strengthening our electrical infra. We will keep residents posted on any changes in the below schedule.

Please refer to the below ACB retrofitting schedule:


Omaxe Heights (Faridabad) Resident Welfare Association®

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Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta
Sep 16, 2020


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